With On-Pack’s ability to produce labels with virtually any kind of paper, foil, folding, inks and other materials, we can provide a solution for every need.

The technical information outlined below gives you a non exhaustive overview of our capabilities and processes. You may already have a clear idea of what product, material or application you are looking for, or you might just be looking for some ideas. After discussing your needs with us, our team can help you find the right solution.

A glimpse of the possibilities

  • Base label material: PP foil, transparent (white is an option)
  • Booklet material: paper, matte, gloss, satinized, metallised, etc.
  • Top label / laminate material: PP foil, transparent, silver foil
  • Carrier material: glassine paper or PET
  • Folding method and size: harmonica or book-folded, up to 56 pages
  • Printing technique: offset or digital
  • Ink: thermo, glow in the dark, scented, scratch ink, etc.
  • Braille: applicable on top label
  • Tabs: pre-stamped or integrated into final size
  • Cutting die: large quantity of dies available, bespoke upon request
  • Premium: adding tattoos, separate stickers or other premiums possible.


  • If appropriate for your product, create a luxurious effect through the use of a silver foil top laminate. This is a very good alternative to hot or cold 'foiling'.
  • Specifically for round packaging, a shorter base label is possible. This makes the top label easier to apply as it adheres more effectively.
  • Possibility to add unique codes, QR codes, barcodes and more
  • Numbering of back papers possible, to monitor quantity of labels on roll.
  • If required, NSD systems can supply machinery for the mechanical application of the labels onto your packaging. This keeps your manufacturing process running without any interruptions.

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