On-Pack Information

On-Pack Information

The informational text capacity on a packaging is something many brand owners struggle with in everyday practice. Increasingly stricter (EU) legislation obliges manufacturers to provide more information on their packaging including  ingredients, origin and safety warnings.

Our Extended Content Labels (ECLs), also known as booklet labels, can hold up to 56 pages. Therefore, in most cases, this one solution is enough to communicate all your required information in any language required. One label for each product offers benefits for your inventory management and distribution. And in case you have many different product types, our digitally printed labels are a very suitable option, without any necessary concessions or adjustments to your packaging.


With regards to information on labels, we often see entire manuals replaced by self-adhesive booklets, containing key information. For example, Quick Start Guides. With a booklet label, your packaging conveys the most important instructions while the user is referred to your website for additional information. Where a manual is subject to change, you only need to keep the information on your website up-to-date. At the same time, you are able to reduce your packaging, producing less waste, whilst promoting traffic to your website. In addition, a promotion can be communicated on your packaging ('Register your product online and win prizes') to achieve even more website traffic. Think of all the opportunities you can create for your marketing mix.


When it comes to informational labels, On-Pack is a major supplier to the (agro-)chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Due to our extensive product range, we are able to deliver functional labels with added value for our customers. With our unique booklet labels (up to 56 pages), we can produce an alternative solution that better meets the needs of your customer. Our colleagues will be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.


To learn more about our solutions, the On-Pack team is happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact us, download the On-Pack brochure or ask a sample folder, so you can see for yourself, the quality of our products.

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