childhood heroes on packaging

No more childhood heroes on packaging

Minions ice-cream, Frozen mini cakes and Cars cookies: soon this will be history. The Dutch FNLI is the first organisation in Europe that made a deal with the advertisers to maintain the rules regarding child-targeted marketing on packaging and shelf materials. In the UK, several foundations are pleading to ban unhealthy food marketing to children as well.

Stop child-targeted marketing

This new deal is part of a campaign to protect children against marketing on unhealthy foods. The majority of ads aimed at children are about foods that are full of fat, salt and sugar and which do not occur in the Eatwell Guide. According to experts, children are very vulnerable for advertisements and therefor they want stricter regulations. The Dutch ‘Alliantie Stop Kindermarketing’ fights against child-targeted marketing as well. They see a direct link between child-targeted marketing on unhealthy foods and drinks and children who suffer from overweight. Nowadays one out of seven children under the age of thirteen are too heavy.

New phase

The campaign is getting bigger step by step. Due to this campaign childhood heroes cannot longer be used in television-ads since 2005 and marketing targeting children under the age of seven is forbidden since 2010. Now a new phase has arrived in which they focus on packaging and shelf materials. The childhood heroes will not be gone in one day but they expect it to happen slowly bu firmly, taking into account a transitional period of two years.

On-Pack Promotions

Despite the fact that the rules regarding packaging in general are getting stricter, it will still be important for your product to stand out among all the other products on the shelf. Luckily, there are many roads leading to Rome and there are more than enough possibilities to stand out. The On-Pack Promotions team is ready to help.  

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