On-Pack is part of NSD International, a company with more than 150 years of experience in the field of self-adhesive labels. As an international company with Dutch management, we have a proud history, rooted in both the Netherlands and Scotland.

Dalkeith, Scotland

NSD International in Scotland originated in 1976 when the family owned ‘Nederlandse Speciaaldrukkerij’ (translation: Dutch Special Printing Company) bought 70% shares in the ‘Simpson Label Company’. Established in 1858, the Simpson Label Company had a strong history producing high quality labels and was a great place for NSD to establish their company in Scotland. In 2001, NSD was taken over by the current management and the Simpson Label Company as a whole was added to the parent company. The company’s production site has been located in Dalkeith, about 12 kilometres southeast of Edinburgh since 1980.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The NSD company originated in Rotterdam in 1928. At that time, there were several production sites across the city which were then all relocated to Delft. When the company was taken over in 2001, production was returned to two production sites in Rotterdam. Today, all of our production comes from one site in Rotterdam where we produce booklet labels, peel & read and dry-peel labels.

Kunstat, Czech Republic

In 2004, NSD International established a production facility in Czech Republic. This factory is located in Kunstat, about 45 kilometres north of Brno and 200 kilometres southeast of Prague. NSD chose to settle in the Czech Republic for two reasons. Firstly due to several adjacent countries’ plans to join the EU, which provided new market growth opportunities. And, secondly, this new location offered excellent opportunities to produce  very cost-effectively.

Brno is by tradition a graphic packaging centre, reknown for its polygraphic school. Our first employees were graphic technicians, who had the right skills and experience from the start. Another key to the success of this new site was that our first production manager actually designed and built printing presses prior to joining NSD. This tremendous wealth of expertise ensured the new production plant was destined for success.

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